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If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I highly recommend Chapman Orthodontics! They have a knowledgeable, friendly staff who are great at their job. Chapman Orthodontics is the only office in Bloomington that I could find that does the Harmony braces, that go behind your teeth. I am an adult and preferred the option that did not show. I have had AMAZING results and saw a drastic change in my teeth within 2 weeks. No one knows I have braces ... just that my teeth look great! If my kids ever need braces, Dr Chapman will be the first person I call!” — Wendy W.

“I have braces and I go here every month, and I love going! Dr. Chapman is very nice along with his staff! The office in Bloomington is very clean, and is well decorated! People complain about having braces, but I don’t. They are very gentle! I especially like the arrangement of colors to choose from for rubber bands!” — Parker B.

“Chapman Orthodontics was my choice for my son’s braces. They have a beautiful office with a super-friendly staff. The staff is always helpful with making appointments, dealing with problems, and was great getting my insurance and payments all worked out. I love Dr. Chapman; he and my pre-teen son get along very well and always talk sports. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get braces.” — Melinda B.

“Dr. Chapman and his staff are pleasant, polite, professional, and accessible. My daughter and I have had a great experience. She has had very little discomfort, if any at all, during the application and adjustment process. This has been nothing like we expected. The total cost and payment plan was more than acceptable. We have not had any problems scheduling or rescheduling appointments. The doctor and staff are available to help you when necessary. Highly recommended!” — Brandi G.

“Chapman Orthodontics has made braces easier than I expected. While many people complain about having them, I do not because they make braces easy. Plus, everyone who works there is extremely helpful and nice, and I enjoy working with them. Thanks to all of the people there for making my teeth beautiful!” — Riley R.

“Great service and an outstanding job always. I recommend Chapman Orthodontics.” — Bienvenido C.

“Chapman Orthodontics has all the right priorities. It has *personal* attention to detail; it’s obvious Dr. Chapman has a strong passion for making others happy by the way he explains his plans and *listens* to what I’d like to see. The office is beautiful and you can see lots of personal touches throughout the location. It’s exciting to know you have a doctor who shares your excitement about how he can improve your smile! His passion for the career he chose shines through in his office and the compassionate and confident demeanor he has. A great place to go!” — Lindsay E.

“I highly recommend Chapman Orthodontics. The office was very clean and comfortable with cutting-edge technology. Dr. Chapman was very thorough in explaining his treatment plan to me and his caring personality left me feeling very confident in my future smile. If you’re looking into braces for your kids, or Invisalign for yourself, this is the place to go! Chapman Orthodontics can do it all!” — Janie F.

"When I thought of getting braces of course I was nervous but after my consultation with Dr. Chapman and meeting the staff I was ecstatic with my choice. At every visit I get individual attention and after adjustments are completed Dr. Chapman and the staff always explain to me what they've adjusted and answer any and all my questions. They make you feel so comfortable and I always look forward to my appointments. Chapman Orthodontics is a fantastic place, good location, very clean, friendly with a great staff! " ~ Mertha J.

"Dr. Chapman and his staff go a step beyond providing a professional service - they have made me feel welcome and have demonstrated a sincere interest in both my personal life and smile transformation. As an adult, getting braces was an intimidating thought. However, from the first visit, I have felt a sense of trust and comfort with Dr. Chapman and staff. I had to have a number of consultation visits prior to getting the braces put on. In each visit, Dr. Chapman clearly explained his plan for my smile transformation and what needed to happen before my mouth was ready for the braces. Since having the braces (September 2014), I have appreciated the ease of the visits - good conversation, little-to-no wait, beautiful office, and variety of options for adjustment appointments that work with my schedule. On top of that, Dr. Chapman provides great payment plans and even a new online patient portal to pay bills and confirm appointments. I'm thankful to have found Dr. Chapman and his talented staff to fulfill my dream of having a beautiful smile. I already have more self-confidence today. I highly recommend Chapman Orthodontics to anyone who wants to transform their smile." ~ Alan G.

"I felt weird coming in as an adult when most people do this as children. The staff is incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. On the consultation to now, I've never felt hesitant on any questions, and they really went the extra step in helping me figure out my insurance. It feels like you're visiting friends instead of just being at some mundane office where you're just a client. Also, now you can make payments online, which streamlines it perfectly into my other bills." ~ Daniel H.

"My son & I have nothing but the best experience at Dr. Chapmans office. He is not the typical "Brace Denist" where they get you in & out in a hurry, althow they are quick, Dr.Chapman plus Brittnay & Bree his office staff make sure they answer any questions or concerns before you leave the office. The office is very clean & inviting. I'm so happy we choose to go to Chapmans it's been the best experience for our family. Highly recommended to any one of any age to go to Dr. Chapmans." ~ Keri G.

"Where do I begin with this guy? Well, let's start off by saying I’m a current patient at Chapman Orthodontics. Braces have been a long road for me. I had my first set of braces a few years back with a different orthodontist and went there for a little over 3 years. I didn't know what to expect with braces, but I knew I wasn't having a great experience with that doctor. Fast forward ahead 4 years and I’m in Dr. Chapman's office having a consultation for a second set of braces. Immediately, I noticed a completely different atmosphere and knew right away I was going to choose him as my new orthodontist. My situation was a little different than most patients. I had a very bad under bite. This new set of braces was going to allow me to go through with double jaw surgery and give me the perfect smile I’ve always dreamed of, but never thought was possible. I was wrong. Right away, Dr. Chapman and his staff made me feel like I’ve known them for years and years. They came up with a plan and he worked very extensively with my oral surgeon. Now I am 6 months post-op and we are finishing up the final tweaks on my teeth. It’s been a very long and emotional road, but I’m so grateful for Dr. Chapman. Going to any doctor, whether it be a physician or dentist, can be very stressful. Dr. Chapman and his staff make sure that is not the case. They are flexible, gentle, caring, patient, and very laid back. I have not once dreaded going to an appointment, even when I was still swollen after surgery. It’s very comforting knowing I have an orthodontist I can fully trust. This guy knows his stuff! Words cannot describe how grateful I am. It may sound silly, but it means a lot when you’ve been through years of pain, discomfort, and low self-esteem like I have. I couldn’t be more excited about my smile and bite. It really is a dream come true and I highly recommend Chapman Orthodontics to anyone of any age and background." ~ Tyler S.

"Absolutely the best orthodontist in the area. My daughter was 8 when she first got her braces on so she and I were both nervous. However, it has been an amazing experience with little to no pain or problems. The staff is the kindest and friendliest around. They are always there with a smile and on time for every appointment. Even when it was an emergency appointment we were quickly taken care of. My daughter cannot wait each month to go in and visit everyone. Highly recommend to everyone. My son had braces when he was younger while we lived in Texas and North Carolina - non of his orthodontist even came close to the expertise and efficiency of Chapman Orthodontics!!!" ~ Sandra W.

"Five Stars" ~Tyler W.

"The first consultation visit was very welcoming. We had a very pleasant visit and the staff was super. Dr. Chapman is awesome and we are sure to be going back for future appointments. Braces are in our future. :) " ~ Sheryl L.

"Our family has had an incredible experience at Chapman Orthodontics!! My son has always been very sensitive when he had any dental work done and we were very concerned with how he would do with the braces. He has had no apprehension when he has an appointment and has had no complaints! The office staff is very nice and makes it a very enjoyable environment. I have been very impressed with their training and patience when it comes to the necessary hygiene to protect the teeth while the braces and appliances are attached. Our son has needed a lot of help with how to clean the teeth sufficiently and the staff have never made him feel bad while explaining or showing him. We have never had any issues with making appointments. The office is very clean and comfortable, with tvs/movies the patients can watch while waiting. I am also very appreciative that they allow parents to be present during treatment which makes it not only easier on the child but also makes it easier to ask questions as the process is happening, allowing the parent to come along side the doctor in assuring the best possible outcome. The cost was very affordable by comparison. Dr. Chapman was referred to us by one of his former patients and we in turn have recommended him to others more than once and will continue to in the future! " ~ Roger S.

"We had a great experience from start to finish and from before to afterwards. Dr. Chapman is a professional with a wonderful personality who made the experience for our 8year old painless and enjoyable. I highly recommend Chapman Orthodontics." ~ Carmen

"We love Chapman Orthodontics! Our twins were able to get braces in the same day at the same time! The staff is so friendly. Thanks Chapman's!" ~ Julie C.

"Our consultation at Chapman Orthodontics exceeded our expectations today! They are very explanatory and excel in making you feel comfortable with any questions, problems and/or concerns. My 15 year old is excited to begin her journey of wearing braces! Thank you!" ~ Kari

"Both of my children have went to Chapman Orthodontics for their orthodontic needs. We love the staff there. They have always worked with us so my girls do not have to miss school for their appointments. The staff has always been available for any questions that I have had. And most of all - my girls love their new smiles.' ~ Karen B.

"Everyone has been awesome at Chapman Orthodontics with my 6 year old daughter she actually looks forward to going to The Orthodontist and the Dentist, Thank You for making the visits a awesome experience for her." ~ Amy S.

"We love Chapman Orthodontics. Doctor and staff are always so kin, helpful, and professional. I would recommend them to anyone. Nice, clean, professional atmosphere." ~ Amanda P.

"Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. All our kids have had a great experience and we highly recommend Chapman Orthodontics." ~ Brian M.



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